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In the US, approximately 31 states have active programs that allow parents to actively participate in choosing education options for their children as early as preschool. Funding for these programs ranges from state funded to tax credit based. Many of these programs require participation from corporations that are domiciled in that state to donate or bring in the funds for their success. Typically, these funds are received by a state licensed non-profit organization like ASK,  authorized by the state to grant tax credits to these donors and scholarships to students.

America’s Scholarship Konnection (ASK) is a state licensed School Tuition Organization in several states that offer tax credits to Corporations and Individuals who donate to our organization.


Corporate Donors


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America’s Scholarship Konnection-Donation Policy


ASK Collect and uses personal information such  as: name, address, telephone number, and email address when a donor or supporter voluntarily provides it to us. This information is securely kept on file for IRS purposes and is also used in our development and communication activities.
ASK does not sell, trade, or share its donor list with any other organization or company. We will use contact information of donors for these purposes ONLY:
• Distribute receipts for donations
• Thank donors for their donations
• Inform donors about news, upcoming  fundraising events and other activities
• Internal analysis and record keeping
• Reporting to relevant U.S. and State agencies  (these reports are not for public inspection)
• Contact donors about changes to this policy
 ASK voluntarily complies with the AFP Donor Bill  of Rights and Code of Ethics.   See links below  to read more or to Donate Now!

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Arizona Corporate Donors

Arizona Corporate Tax Credits for Low Income or Displaced/ Disabled Private School Tuition Scholarships

Arizona provides an opportunity for Corporations that are domiciled in AZ to redirect up to 100% of  their AZ tax liability toward a School Tuition Organization like ASK to be distributed as scholarships for students in private K-12 education.

Click here to download the  AZ                                Corporate Tax Credit Application for 2017-18
The Arizona Cap on the funds available for this program opens up July 1st, 2017, so time is of the essence because because the cap typically closes very quickly. Last year it was closed within seconds. The cap is 20% larger this year, with $74,300,838 designated for low income families + $5,000,000 designated for displaced/ disabled students, but we still expect the same or higher volume of participation as this is a very popular program for Corporations to utilize.

To summarize, Corporations may redirect up to 100% of their tax liability from the State of Arizona to a
state licensed School Tuition Organization (STO) like America’s Scholarship Konnection (ASK) and receive
a dollar for dollar tax credit.

The funds are distributed by ASK to families, in the form of scholarships for private K-12 education.
In order to qualify for these scholarships, the criteria is either:

A. Student’s family income cannot exceed 185% of the income required to qualify a child for
reduced price lunches.


B. Disabled/ Displaced Student must meet ONE of the following prerequisites:
 Student has a MET or IEP from an Arizona public  school (for preschool and grades K-12);
OR  Has a 504 plan from an Arizona public school  (for grades K-12 only);
OR  Was placed at one time in the Arizona foster  care system (for grades K-12 only and will be
verified with the Arizona Department of Economic  Security)

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Nevada Corporate Donors

Nevada Corporate Tax Credits -See Below to download a form to apply for a tax credit before June 14th or fill out a contact form. 

Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program ****Breaking News*****

Governor Brian Sandoval and the Nevada Legislature approved a very generous budget favoring school funding and school choice.  We’ve made a huge investment in K-12 education with $20m more in Opportunity Scholarships, that brings the total to more than $33m in the next 2 years that will be available for tax credits to MBT taxpayers. Transformed workforce development!  

A taxpayer who is required to pay a Modified Business Tax (MBT) per NRS 363A or
NRS 363B may receive a credit against the MBT tax due for any donation of
money made by the taxpayer to a scholarship organization. The taxpayer must:
• Notify the scholarship organization of the intent to donate and seek a credit per
provisions of NRS 385.
• The scholarship organization must apply to the Department of Taxation for
approval prior to accepting the contribution.
• The Department of Taxation, if approving the request, will notify the scholarship
organization of the approved amount.
• Upon approval, the scholarship organization shall notify the taxpayer who must,
not later than 30 days after receiving the notice, donate the money to the
scholarship organization.
• Failure to meet the deadlines described above shall result in a forfeit of any
claim to the credit by the taxpayer.
(AB165, 2015 Legislative Session, effective 4/13/2015)

To apply with the State of Nevada for a Corporate Tax credit, please download this form and submit it to ASK.  Corporate Application for Approval of Tax Credit


For more information on Modified Business Tax in Nevada and Tax Credits available, Click Here to download an informational pdf   MBT

Nevada Corporation Interested in Tax Credits

Corporate representative fills out this form for more information about corporate tax credits in Nevada

Apply for a Scholarship

Scholarship application status

Arizona: New application will be posted June 13th, 2017 for new applicants for the 2017-18 school year  All current applicants that have not yet received an award determination shall receive an award letter or waiting list status update prior to June 30th.


Nevada Corporation Interested in Tax Credits

Corporate representative fills out this form for more information about corporate tax credits in Nevada

Nevada: applications that have been received in full are currently on waiting list status.  Funding determination will be made after the July 1st funding cap is open in Nevada and the funding award takes place prior to August 1st.  Awards will be given on a first come first serve basis to be determined by waiting list status.  Award notifications will be sent out in late August.  No new applications will be accepted at this time.  Once all current waiting list applicants have been processed, and award determinations have been made,  new applicants will be given an opportunity to apply.  If no additional funding is available at that time, no new applications will be accepted.

Louisiana: New application will be posted June 30th, 2017

Georgia: New Application will be posted June 30th, 2017