We recently met with a team of Design students at ASU. They prepared some marketing material for us to help get the word out about our organization!

America's Scholarship Konnection INC "ASK"

In the US, approximately 31 states have active programs that allow parents to actively participate in choosing education options for their children as early as preschool.

Funding for these programs ranges from state funded to tax credit based.

Many of these programs require participation from corporations that are domiciled in that state.

We rely on those corporations and individuals to donate or bring in the funds for their success.

These funds are received by a state licensed non-profit organization like ASK.

ASK is Licensed and Authorized by the  state to grant dollar for dollar tax credits to these Donating Corporations

ASK then uses these funds to grant scholarships to students in K-12 private education at the school of their choice.

America’s Scholarship Konnection (ASK) is a state licensed School Tuition Organization in several states that offer tax credits to Corporations and Individuals who donate to our organization.

Corporate Donors

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