Nevada Application

Recent changes in the Nevada law for AB-165, we may now accept applications from new students to the program. We do not accept emailed or paper applications. Please read the information below:

The recently concluded 80th session of the Nevada legislature resulted in three major changes to the Nevada Opportunity Scholarship program.

Change #1

AB 458 amended NRS 363B.119 to remove the 110% annual increase in tax credits. As a result, the new annual maximum tax credit will hold steady at $6,655,000 per year. The $6.65 million tax credit cap is now established in perpetuity or until it is amended in a future legislative session.

Change #2

In accordance with the amendment made to NRS 363A.130 through the passage of SB 551, the legislature approved an additional $4,745,000 in tax credits per year of the biennium, adding a total of $9,490,000 to the maximum tax credits for the Opportunity Scholarship program through June 30, 2021. The addition of this funding is intended to ensure current recipients do not lose their scholarships within the next two years.

The total maximum tax credits allowed per year of the biennium is $11,400,000.

Change #3

The legislature also amended NRS 388D.270 through the passage of SB 551. This amendment restricts Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) from awarding scholarships to new students, including siblings of current scholarship recipients, effective July 1, 2019 unless the scholarship organization reasonably expects to be able to provide a grant for the new student in at least the same amount for each school year until the students graduates from high school (Senate Bill 551 2019 s 30.75). This restriction applies to all scholarship funding, including the $6,655,000 and the additional $4,745,000.

ASK Nevada Scholarship Application

Our application is now closed.  If you applied for the 2019-20 school year, your application may take up to 120 days to process.  Please log into your account for an update, updates are not available by phone or email. 

ASK Process for Scholarship Application and Approval Nevada

Total Family income must not exceed 300% of poverty level.

1 $12,490 $37,470
2 $ 16,910 $ 50,730
3 $21,330 $ 63,990
4 $25, 750 $ 77,250
5 $30,170 $90,510
6 $34,590 $ 103770
7 $39,010 $ 117,030
8 $43,430 $ 130,290

You will need to fully complete all application paperwork including financial documentation.
Without a complete application, your student will not be eligible for any scholarship awards.
After submitting an application you will be redirected to our payment page to submit your application fee.

Upon receipt of complete applications, scholarships will be granted in the following order of priority:

  1. Students who were granted a scholarship in the prior school year
  2. Sequential order by time received
  3. Lowest Income Families
  4. Lowest rated public school

ASK Nevada Scholarship Application

America’s Scholarship Konnection is a state approved Scholarship Granting Organization that grants scholarships in Nevada through the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program (AB 165)

Please read and complete the entire application.

  1. Information about the Student
  2. Eligibility Determination and
  3. Financial Documentation about your entire family.

Without a complete application, your student will not be eligible for any scholarship awards. After submitting an application, the student will be considered for a scholarship award for the upcoming school year. In order to be considered, the completed application must be submitted to us by the application deadline, and the school must verify that the student is either in the enrollment process or currently enrolled at the school.

Our application is now closed.  Your application may take from 90-120 days to process.